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9 Reel Slots

This type of slotmachine is not easy to find at the online casinos. However we managed to find a few for you. These slotmachines are rather special with a few extra features. The number of pay-lines on these slots is 8.

* Golden 8 (Slotland)

The following games are not available for US customers:

Bell Fever (G-Fed)

* Gold Rally (PlayTech)

Vacation Station (PlayTech)

Chinese Kitchen (PlayTech)

12 Reel Slots

There is a 12 reel slotmachine available although it starts out as a regular 3 reel. In other words, a special slot with an extra bonus.

Treasure Box (Slotland)

15 Reel Slots

The same idea of the 12 reel slots described above. It starts out with a regular 3 reel wheel, but it contains a total of 5 wheels with 3 separate reels.

Ocean Princess (PlayTech)

Tropic Reels (PlayTech)