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9 Reel Slots

This type of slotmachine is not easy to find at the online casinos. However we managed to find a few for you. These slotmachines are rather special with a few extra features. The number of pay-lines on these slots is 8.

* Golden 8 (Slotland)

The following games are not available for US customers:

Bell Fever (G-Fed)

* Gold Rally (PlayTech)

Vacation Station (PlayTech)

Chinese Kitchen (PlayTech)

12 Reel Slots

There is a 12 reel slotmachine available although it starts out as a regular 3 reel. In other words, a special slot with an extra bonus.

Treasure Box (Slotland)

15 Reel Slots

(not available for US customers)

The same idea of the 12 reel slots described above. It starts out with a regular 3 reel wheel, but it contains a total of 5 wheels with 3 separate reels.

Ocean Princess (PlayTech)

Tropic Reels (PlayTech)