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The Klondike days of the 1800?s were a unique period in history. Alaska was known as the Gold Capitol, and people from all over the world flocked to the northwest corner of North America to seek their fortune in the soft sparkly yellow metal. These days there is a Klondike of the internet, and it?s a slots game known as Strike Gold.

Everyone had a different method of finding gold back in the gold rush days; some people panned for gold, others dug deep into the sides of mountains, others diverted rivers and siphoned the water as it ran down the side of a hill. There were many was to get gold but each method had one thing in common, they were all extremely time consuming, labour intensive, and more often than not the only shiny metal they found was a lost pick axe or shovel. But the online slots game Strike Gold is a far easier way to find gold than searching for it in Alaska. Strike Gold slots is a 3 reel single pay line slots game geared toward lower betting values and higher chances at getting the jackpot. This is in keeping with the slot game?s strike-gold theme, and there is a reason why the designers at Rival software developers chose this theme. The gold rush theme exactly illustrates the wealth-centric pay schedule used by Strike Gold. The idea is that jackpots are so plentiful at Strike Gold, that you could almost think that you were in the middle of the Gold Rush.

Strike Gold Play

As mentioned above, Strike Gold is a 3 reel single pay line slots game. With the Strike Gold theme it was necessary to design the game this way in order to provide a higher number of jackpots. Single line slots games usually always provide more jackpots over other kinds of slots games because they allow you to make more maximum bets for less money. Maximum bets can get hugely expensive at other slots games with more pay lines, so if you want to maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot, Strike Gold is the one you should choose. The only bet amount that you can bet is a one dollar coin but you can bet a second coin at the same time effectively making the maximum bet 2 dollars, a far cry lower than the max bet at many other casinos.

Three Strike gold symbols will get you the jackpot, and the amount that you win will depend on how many players have been betting before you and for how long. Strike Gold uses a set base amount for its jackpot so even if you hit the jackpot right after someone else does you?ll win a considerable amount. But the Strike Gold Symbol is more than just a jackpot symbol; it?s also a wild symbol and a multiplier. So the strike gold symbol will finish a winning combination if you have the other three symbols, and it will also multiply the win amount on the combination that the strike gold symbol finishes.

Strike Gold in Summary

If you?re looking for a single pay line game that will get you a good chance at the jackpot for very little money, Strike Gold slots is the game for you.

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