5 Reel Slots

Win a Million Dollars Slotmachine

RTG Win a Million

Unlike our other five reel games, there is a completely different spin mechanic involved with this game. Instead of the reels spinning, each of the 15 visible symbols will switch to the card back graphic and will then flip to show the symbol where the reel stopped. You could actually say this is a 15 reels slots game.

You can play with $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $5 coins. Max bet is 5 coins.

Receive Five Bags of Coins while playing on a $5 machine on any payline played, and you will WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!! When you hit this mother lode of cash, you will be awarded $250,000 cash payment and a guaranteed $50,000 each year after the first payment for the following 15 years!!

A slot game with a different approach. The jackpot is amazing. Don't stare at the symbols to close when they are flipping over or you get dizzy :)

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