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Golden 8 - 9 Reel 8 Paylines Slotmachine

Slotland Golden 8

A nine-wheel, eight-payline no download slot machine game with a progressive jackpot. As usual at Slotland this machine is also connected to the progressive. You need to bet 3 coins and hit 3 BAR symbols to win the jackpot. You can bet 1, 2, or 3 half dollar coins per payline. The maximum bet therefore is 8 x $1.50 = $12 per spin.

No download makes this game very easy to play. The progressive is great. The second prize is unfortunately a lot smaller. When you hit 3 diamonds on a payline you win 500 coins.


This game actually contains a small feature where you are able to win a free bonus spin. This spin doesn't always win but when it wins it can be a big one! To win the bonus spin you need to highlight all the 6 diamonds on the bottom of the screen. One diamond will be highlighted when you hit 3 or more diamonds on the screen. The amount to be won is based on your bet when you hit the 6th diamond. So the best strategy seems to increase your bet when you get close to hitting the 6th diamond.

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100% (max $100)  bonus

+ 30-100% Monthly Mystery Bonus!

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